Who is Big Ops 5 Solutions?


We are a Potchefstroom based company with a wealth of experience in:

Supervisor Development
Operations Improvement Systems
Supplier Quality Systems
Maintenance Management Systems
Job Descriptions, Employee
ISO 9000 Quality Systems
Why Big 5 OPS ?
Each one of the footprints, refer to the five basic performance objectives of Operations management.

These objectives are:




 Let’s talk supervisors    More about thE programME
  • You can buy a good manager, but Supervisors are hard to find.

  • In most cases, the best worker becomes the next Supervisor.

  • Employees are promoted based on there technical skills, but the management part of the supervisor’s job…. This is where the cookie crumbles.

  • This is why you can benefit from this program.

  • This is not a generic program.
  • This program will fit your needs, will be applicable to your industry.
  • It gets conducted on your premises in your environment.
  • This is not an once of training session.
  • We have adopted the Kaizen philosophy – taking small steps at a time.
  • Systematic development is better than to “overload” people.
  • Prevent isolated training sessions that falls outside a scientific development programme.
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Braam Coetsee
082 564 0244
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